Data Loss Prevention

Mobile Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions and practices are helping organisations mitigate the loss of confidential company information residing on mobile devices, a particularly sensitive issue among Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) adopters.

So where are your vulnerabilities? What happens when your organisation’s confidential, non-public data is left behind on the seat of a taxi or walks to a competitor in the hip pocket of a disgruntled employee? According to Forrester, the most common causes of data breaches are not sophisticated ones rather they are the result of mundane events such as simple device loss, theft, or unintentional misuse of corporate assets due to ignorance or innocence.

Notify software solutions can allow users secure access to the data they need while keeping IT in control by:

  • Protecting data with end-to-end encryption, device lock, and full or selective wipe
  • Protecting access to email, contacts, calendar, and tasks by supporting secure containerisation
  • Enforcement of policy compliance through access restrictions and alerts

Organisations need a clear understanding of what is considered confidential data, how it is used and by whom, to better pinpoint potential gaps where data can be lost. The following considerations can help frame a mobile DLP practice that will avoid or minimise these gaps.

Download the Data Loss Prevention PDF

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