In order to get support for your NotifyMDM product, please follow the steps below:

The first step when experiencing a problem with NotifyMDM is to check the NotifyMDM documentation.

NotifyMDM Installation Guide
NotifyMDM Supported Devices
NotifyMDM Device Platform Functionality
NotifyMDM System Administration Guide
NotifyMDM Organisation Administration Guide
NotifyMDM User Self Administration
NotifyMDM Device Setup Guide

User Guides by Device Type

NotifyMDM for Android
NotifyMDM for Android with TouchDown
NotifyMDM for BlackBerry
NotifyMDM for iPhone/iPad
NotifyMDM for Symbian
NotifyMDM for Windows Mobile
NotifyMDM for Other Devices

NotifyMDM Client Software

NotifyMDM for BlackBerry
NotifySync 10.4.3 (This is a special version for MDM) - OTA install directly from your BlackBerry
NotifySync 10.4.3 - Desktop Installer files - available on request

NotifyMDM for iOS

NotifyMDM for Android

NotifyMDM for Symbian S60, 3rd Edition

NotifyMDM for Windows Mobile 6.1/6.5

There are regular releases of new versions of NotifyMDM. Here are the latest new features

If the issue persists after reading the product manual, try searching our knowledgebase for a resolution. The knowledgebase is a categorized collection of articles on several topics that are frequently problematic. There is a very good chance that there is a knowledgebase article containing the resolution to the problem you are currently facing.

If you're still experiencing the problem, contact our technical support team. Requests for support will be handled in the order in which they are received, while also considering the severity of the problem. General inquiries or common problems are normally attended to within a period of one (1) business day. Problems that are deep-rooted and require a developer's attention normally take longer, as we must confirm, diagnose and resolve the problem through debugging.

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