NotifyMDM for Cloud/Hosted Email

Organisations migrating from their local On Premise mail server infrastructure to the cloud require a mobile device management (MDM) solution to cater for their increasingly mixed estate of smartphones and tablets, both corporate and personal. The use of mobile device management saves money, enhances employee safety, improves operational efficiency and ensures adherence to best practice data protection. For corporate security it is critical to keep confidential data safe and secure on easy to lose mobile devices.
  •  NotifyMDM works with all ActiveSync enabled cloud based email services such as hosted Exchange, Google Apps or Kerio as a cloud hosted service
  • NotifyMDM is a multi-tenanted mobile management device solution
  • Supports all ActiveSync enabled mobile devices including BlackBerry
  • Ability to enhance “one size fits all” general policies
  • Gives you the ability to offer a “Bring your Own” Smartphone/Tablet policy
  • Very easy to use interface, fast to deploy and setup
  • Scalable security
  • Affordable
  • Vendor has over 10 years’ experience in Mobile Device Technologies
  • Good Technology not available for Cloud hosted Email services
  • No BES services available or require expensive BES mobile tariff plus fees, NotifySync ActiveSync client for BlackBerry only requires a low cost BIS data tariff

Benefits to Organisations who use NotifyMDM
  • Lower IT costs and increase operational efficiencies• Will ensure corporate compliance
  • Substantial financial return on Investment by saving you money on not providing corporate mobile devices and contracts to employees with personal smartphones
  • Comprehensive reporting on demand so you manage users and devices efficiently
  • Limit your data loss risk by immediately wiping devices
  • Visibility of employee’s location with GPS tracking (can be switch on or off in accordance with your policy and users agreement)
  • Application management – keeping the good apps in and the bad apps out
  • Easy and quick implementation
  • Very user friendly, intuitive and familiar user experience

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