Smart Devices and Users

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Smart Devices and Users

  • Select fields to display

  • Add user

  • Delete user

  • Modify User

  • Search based on field value or wildcard value

  • Data values can be stored in .CSV or .XLS file format

Default View

  • The default Devices view has a data grid, search functionality, toolbar options, and a details panel that can be hidden or visible.


  • Search criteria includes username, device type, policy suite and phone number. Wildcards (using *)
    are supported.

Change Visible Columns

  • By clicking the 'Change visible columns' button. Columns can be made visible or not visible by checking a box next to the appropriate name.

Export Data Gid

  • The Devices data grid can be exported to a .CSV or .XLS format. To increase network performance this file is saved inside a .ZIP folder.

Security Actions

  • Each device type has a set of supported security actions that can be executed on a per device basis. Each action must be confirmed.

Security Actions: Recovery Password

  • If a user has created a recovery password from their device it can be viewed by an Administrator.

Add User Wizard

  • The Add User Wizard toolbar button launches a window that allows the addition of users by using a .CSV file, and LDAP server or manually.

Remove User Button

  • Users are removed with this toolbar button. Users can also be disabled via the details panel or Manage Device window.

User Profile

  • The Manage User toolbar button opens the User Profile Window for a specific user. There are 13 sections within the window, each with a specific role. Numbers are for illustrative purposes and do not appear in the UI.

User Information

  • This section is used to manage basic information such as password, e-mail address, etc., and in the future will display any custom columns that have been added.

Last Sync Data

  • This section is used to view all information about a users last synchronization. Main information is also displayed with icons.

Location Data

This section is used to view the locations a users device has synced using Google Static Maps. All successful syncs should have accessible location data.

Compliance Data

  • This section is used to view the phone and texts log of the user for any date since the user first synced.

Text Message Details

  • When a text message record is double-clicked a pop-up is created that shows the body of text in the message with any attachments that were sent/received.

Phone Log Searching

  • Searches can be done on phone log records to make it easier to locate certain data or information based upon a specific user.

Text Message Log Searching

  • Searches can be done on text message records to make it easier to locate certain data or information based upon a specific user.

E-mail Log Searching

  • Searches can be done on e-mails that were sent from the MDM Server only. This can help track what information users have received from an admin.

  • Customizable Data Grid 23 Predefined + Custom Column Values

    Active/Non Active / User Name / Ownership / Last Sync Time / Phone Number / Device Type / Device Model / Policy Suite / Sync Schedule Name / Battery Status / OS version / OS language / Memory capacity / Free Memory / Device IMEI / SD card installed / SD card memory / SD card free memory / Device UID / Roaming / Signal Level / Network Type / MDSM App Language / MDM / App Version / [custom column values

  • Search Data Grid Values using Wildcard

Viewing Profiles

    • User Information

    • Last Device Synchronization Data

    • Location Data

    • Compliance Data

    • Search Phone Log

    • Search Text Message Log

    • Search Email Log

    • Debug

    • Mail Servers

    • LDAP servers

    • SCEP Servers

    • Wi-Fi Networks

Key Features Summary

  • Customizable data grid

  • Ability to save data grid as a .CSV or .XLS file

  • Show / hide details panel

  • Add device toolbar button

  • Remove users toolbar button

  • Manage users toolbar button

  • User Profile window

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