Activity Monitor

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Activity Monitor

  • Web based

  • Six Panels for displaying graphs and charts

  • Drag and Drop Functionality to create custom displays

  • Each Panel is expandable to full screen view

  • Information refresh on configurable Intervals

  • Option to save information as .CSV or .XLS files.

Panel View

  • The default view for the Dashboard has six unique panels that display up-to-date data about the organization and devices within it.

Drag & Drop

  • All six Dashboard panels can be arranged to create custom layouts using drag & drop functionality.

Full-View Panels

  • Each panel can be made full-view by double-clicking on it. To return to the six panel view just double-click again, or click 'View warnings and alerts'.

Key Features Summary

  • Six panels of unique, organization-based data

  • Drag & Drop functionality

  • Each panel is expandable to full view

  • Up-to-date data using 'Get Most Recent Data' button

  • Ability to save Warnings and Alerts grids as a .CSV or .XLS file

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