Setup Wizard

Mobile Device Management | NotifyMDM

Set-Up Wizard - (Initial Set Up)

  1. Enter ActiveSync Server

  2. Enter LDAP or Active Directory

  3. Enter Email Server

  4. Define default Policy Suite for Corporate and Personal Devices

  5. Define Synchronization Schedule for Corporate and Personal Devices ( both peak hours and off peak hours scheduling supported)

Initial Setup - of NotifyMDM


Add ActiveSync Servers

Add LDAP Server

  • An LDAP server can be used to retrieve user information and add large groups of devices at once.

Add SMTP Server

  • A SMTP server is required and allows the sending of messages to an individual device or groups of devices.

Create Default Policy Suite

  • Default policy suites are created for corporate and personal devices. The first step is to assign the default policy suite a name.

Create Default Policy Suite Cont.

  • There are four levels of security for default policy suite, and each policy suite controls more than 50 server and client settings.

Create Default Sync Schedule

  • Default sync schedules are created for corporate and personal devices and dictate peak and off-peak times for devices to sync.

Create Default Sync Schedule

  • Times can overlap between days to cover different work shift situations and special case employees.

Finish setup

  • All settings are committed to the database upon finishing the Organization Setup Wizard.

Key Features of NotifyMDM (Part 1)

Activity Monitor

  • Provides a view port into an organization's mobile device activity

Smart Devices and Users

  • Administration point for managing individual devices

System Management

  • Administration point for IT

User and Device Reporting

  • Flexible reporting options

Organization Settings

  • Administrator controlled system and organization settings

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